Dmitri Zyuzin (aka Stellar Jay)


I'm Stellar Jay and Welcome to my website. This page is basically a portfolio of my work which takes many forms. I guess you can call me a truly multi-dimensional artist in that I practice my craft across all mediums. It can take on a physical medium: in the form of sculpture, woodwork, welding or glass blowing; it can also show up in auditory world: in the form of music and sound design; and of course design medium: in the form of engineering, development and tech. This allows me to blur the line between all those and lets me explore new possibilities in all of those domains in a way which is not possible in traditional forms of art.

I work very hard to stay open minded and not allow what's considered the "norm" in any of those mediums to guide my process. Instead I develop and maitain a connection to my heart and nature and allow my true voice to come out naturally. This allows my work to be truly unique and original across the board so I can simply focus on getting better at it.

I recently purchased a home in the middle of the woods that's located on the side of a mountain so I can better connect with nature and leave the influence of the big city behind. I'm still getting my workshop put together but I'll be sure to bring fresh work to you on a regular basis.

Please choose a link from the menu below to look at some of my work.